"Light the way to a sustainable future"

Our Product

Our design consists of a light post made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, with a vertical wind turbine incorporated into it. Each Erilux post has the following main components: a post made of fiberglass reinforced polyester with its base, a vertical Darrieus-type wind turbine with its generator, a 300 watt LED light, a lithium battery, an electronic timer and a charge controller (regulator). Wind from 360º angles impacts the wind module's blades, generating mechanical power and an angular velocity within the shaft inside the pole. This moves the asynchronous generator that converts wind energy generated at low airspeed into electrical energy. The storage system stores energy for when there is less wind and administers it for the hours needed to power its 300-watt LED light. Erilux captures clean energy day and night. With a wind of 2.66 m/s our model produces 500 watts. When the wind is lower than 2.66 m/s we will have a lithium battery that will make sure to store the energy provided during the whole day. In Panama's Causeway, that has a wind of 4m/s, we would produce almost double than necessary than double the necessary. Each post is independent. Erilux has long-term and short-term benefits, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our society's reliance on fossil fuels. It makes clean illumination quickly accessible to remote areas without high wind speeds or prices. Illuminated streets improve citizens' quality of life. We are hoping to acquire a patent for our original design to protect it against any attempts of counterfeit, guaranteeing exclusivity. 

Action Plan


Erilux´s design incorporates the pole with small-scale wind modules that transforms low air speed into electrica energy for illuminations, no need for cabling or wireless.


Reduce the amount of electrivuty produced from fossil fuels, offering energy from endless sorce  while continuesly collecting energy all day that stored into our battery


Erilux can operate in rural regions since its not dependent on the electrical grid. Also, the monthly electricity costs are eliminated thanks to the use of green energy without consuming non-renewable energy